Holistic energy work - what we understand by this

Holistic energy work has its roots in various Western and Eastern healing methods and spiritual traditions, namely Ayurveda, Samkhya, naturopathy, osteopathy and humanistic psychology. The training courses and seminars are based on a comprehensive view of the human being as a body-soul-spiritual entity, an approach to the fellow human being characterised by inner and outer attentiveness and an understanding of the central importance of life energy in the healing process.

The term energy is directly connected with the term matter and thus also with the whole process of creation. In ancient cultures, the energy of life and its gradual condensation up to its visible manifestation as a universe was attributed the greatest importance.

Holistic energy work sees the human being as a body-soul-spiritual unit, inseparably linked to the laws of the macrocosm.

The life energy flows out of the core of the human being - Master Ekkehart called it the God-spark in human beings - and flows through the soul and the bodily level as an intelligent organizing principle. In many ancient cultures and religions, this core of being is regarded as the source of healing. - On the soul level, the life energy manifests itself in the dynamics of the psychic functions and on the bodily level it manifests itself as information carrier and matrix for form (anatomy) and life function (physiology).

Dealing with the life energy requires an attitude of external and internal attentiveness and an attentive listening to "this force, which is much more intelligent than human reason! (Dr. W.G. Sutherland). When we encounter our fellow human beings in everyday life and in therapeutic work with this attitude, the integrity of their development process is preserved and supported.

How does craniosacral therapy work

In the craniosacral work we come primarily into contact with the breath of life, the movement and rest phases of the cerebrospinal fluid, and also with the bony and membranous structures of the skull, the spinal column and the sacrum. Through subtle touch in dialogue with the organism of the person, disturbances, often due to old body patterns and trauma, can manifest themselves in the subtle movements of bones, membranes and fluids and can be brought back into harmony with the inherent healing power and order of the Breath of Life. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy regards the human organism as a holistic energy system.

The term Biodynamics refers to the Breath of Life, which arises from "stillness" and moves and shapes the human energy field via three different tidal rhythms. Through the inclusion of embryological knowledge, through a growing understanding of how the Breath of Life expresses itself in process and trauma work, through a mindful inner attitude and through the ability to "listen in", a deep therapeutic approach is created.

Didactics and methodology

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